Problems we solve

Projects that are late, over-budget and out of step with business needs are symptomatic of underlying problems in the development environment.

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Project Realization pins down the problems of poor communication, lack of control, lack of resource monitoring, loss of focus, development inefficiencies, poor quality procedures, lack of risk management and contingency planning, and artificial delivery dates.

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  • Does your project have a clear senior sponsor who regularly engages with the team?
  • Is your development team buzzing with ideas?
  • Do your developers talk and exchange ideas?
  • Is there a clear set of standards and procedures for the development?
  • Are they being rigorously and consistently applied?
  • Do you have risk identification and processes and contingency plans in place?
  • Is there daily monitoring and tracking of activities on the project?
  • Does every member of the team know their objectives on a daily basis?
  • Is there absolute visibility of all your team’s activities each day?
  • Are the published project delivery milestones realistic?

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Project Realization and their trusted network of associates swiftly came in and finally delivered our project in record time, we should have got in touch sooner! Mike, Mike Garlick Design